At Covello Propiedades we believe our daily work is much more than just a real estate operation.
We know how important it is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, whatever their requirements may be and understand what the commercial success of their operations means to them.

As a result of this permanent dedication, we are an icon in Palermo – the neighbor where we started off – and today, we sell real estate in the most up-scale neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Punta del Este and Miami as well as in other Latin American countries such as Chile, Panama, etc.

Thanks to our experience and many years in the business, in addition to our personalized service and unique working methodology, applied throughout the complete sales cycle, we can offer superior levels of excellence in customer service with each passing day.


  • We are a premium brand name in the real estate market

  • Our Management Team and Specialized Sales Staff are highly focused on the sale of large real estate developments

  • Our strategic marketing skills are applied to each and every one of our business units

  • Our know-how and expertise in dealing with Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires Area is vast

  • We work with state-of-the-art IT technology at all levels and in particular in the area of Information Management

  • Because “service” is our added value and our “clients” our principal asset.

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